Terms & Conditions

Term & Conditions for customer and Distributer

Yudivo Lifecare is a product based Trading and Marketing Company, System provide different segments products like Herbal Health Care, Beauty Care, Hygienic Women's Sanitary Pads and Garments by online and offline, company follow the guidelines of direct selling and submitted all the necessary documents in MCA, Corporate office situated at 812 8th floor, Sanjeevini Corporate Park, Sector-142, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201305

Yudivo Lifecare Pvt. Ltd. Company only responsible for provide Valuable products to Customer other Income and Reward and any Bonus all are depend the system growth and Turnover, Company does not any promise to any Customer related Bonus, Income and any Reward.

Every Customers must be read the term and conditions before buying the products and services, before placing and creating the ID must be read carefully,  after completing process of placing the ID customer can not decline the Term & Conditions.

Condition 1. There is no any refund and exchange policy so please select the product carefully.

Condition 2. Customer buy the product by his choice can not blame anyone.  

Condition 3. Customer can not return the product after 30 days of purchasing and not for pressure for refund amount

Condition 4. Customer can not buy the product on more then 1 ID (Independent Distributorship) if buy multiple ID will have to sell ID's or transfer to others.

Condition 5. Distributer has rights to get only direct working Income, team business income totally depend on business plan and growth.

Condition 6. Further the working direct Income all Incomes totally depend on the business growth and conditions which can be changed and dismissed in system favor without any pre intimation and information.

Condition 7. For getting the Income & Rewards and more benefits ID must be active.

Condition 8. Blocked and terminated Distributer can not blame and fnagemorce to maent for any Income and other Benefits

Condition 9.ID can be terminated by the Management due to many reasons

1. If Distributor non active continue from 90 days.

2. If Distributor work in other similar marketing company.

3. If Distributor try to damage the Image of system.

4. If Distributor misbehavior with Management and other distributors.

5.If Distribute complaint files against the Management and system.

6. If Distributor cheat the Management and create any trouble for management.

7. If Distributor promote any other concept one to one and on social media also.

8. if Distributor generate the business by wrong commitment.

For collecting and receiving the products customer must be pay courier charges and select the products and send the request by mail to company yudivolifecare@gmail.com and send whatsapp also 8882396376 if customer and distributer ignore this process continues up to 90 days then company not responsible for product dispatching

Company provide some Franchise opportunity time on time with important and necessary term and conditions.

For getting franchise maintenance and monthly rent facility, franchise holder must be open franchise store cum office and provide rent agreement to Management and provide also work report daily, weekly and monthly.

Franchise holder must be active regularly and have to provide new business every month for getting the income benefits

Company only responsible to that which term and conditions mention in Franchise agreement and franchise agreement should be on company Letter head with authorized signatory and must be received by company official mail info@yudivo.in

Company not responsible of any commitment by any freelancing distributor/ customers and any promotional and marketing videos and marketing tools.

Promotional & Marketing videos & Broachers not provide full information with term and conditions that’s why company decline the un supporting illogical promises and commitments.

Company has reserved all rights to protect himself and changes in income plan, price of products and market strategy, in Lose situation company can provide redeem & loyalty points against INR and dismiss also the reward, monthly Franchise Maintenance, Business Development Fund, Allowance Fund etc. and many those things could be harmful for the system.

Yudivo provide a purchasing solution by online and offline with solution of unemployment and poor income with calculated commission slab with all legality.

Yudivo Lifecare Private Limited
Team Management